I make stuff!

This is my website on the world wide web. This website includes a selection of the creative stuff I made over the many years. I'm a design consultant with a rich background in:

  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Software Engineering,
  • and Industrial Design.


Professional design in websites, graphic, products and packaging.

Do-it guide

The Do-it system contains a trigger that is designed to stimulate positive experiences throughout daily life. This guide helps the user interactive through setting up the trigger and learning new behaviour.

  • Do-it book with instructions.

Designing the Do-it guide

For the development of the Do-it guide I made use of an agile process. The iterations contained brainstorming, prototyping and evaluation.

  • Design process of the Do-it book

Tea Set Package

Clipper produces organic and fair trade tea. This new package design contains and protects the tea, milk can and sugar pot. The package is designed to include reusable and/or recyclable packaging

  • Design for a tea set package

Visual Identity for HyperLAN

HyperLAN organizes LAN parties for the region Nijmegen. I am, besides a board member, the creative director of the association. I am responsible for both online and offline media. Examples are the development of the visual identity, two websites, props and mugs.

  • HyperLAN website on iPad.


This design is part of a case study: Materials. They display the original PlayStation 4 Wireless Dualshock Controllers by Sony.

  • Material case study of PlayStation 4 Controllers.

Business card 2.0

Interactive business card based on the You-et logo. Download the latest. Below is the first prototype.

  • First prototype of the interactive business card.

College life

S.V. CognAC is the study association for Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen. During my study I was active as member of committees, head of the Media Committee (MC) and board member (Treasurer).

Logos and posters

The Media Committee is responsible for promotion of the activities, designing logos and merchandise. Futhermore the MC takes care of writing blogs for the 'CogBlog'.

  • T-shirt design for the freshmans introduction week

Special edition

Most of logos, that I designed for CognAC, are inspired by their original logo.

  • Limited edition t-shirt design for CognAC

Other creative stuff, such as ...

I like to do all sorts of things: paint the wardrobe, doodle on the table, knit a stuffed bunny or practice different techniques.

... aquarelle paintings, ...

Aquarelle was my favorite paint for many years. My other favorite paint is acrylic.

The city displayed is Copenhagen, which I visited in 2014.

  • Aquarelle painting of Copenhagen

... indian ink paintings, ...

This cat is made with indian ink. In this case I used a photo instead of a model.

  • A cat made with indian ink

... acrylic paintings, ...

Some of my work is very precise, but others can be sketchy.

  • Acrylic painting: Dunes in Zeeland

... comics, ...

The comics about Miep were a gift to a friend. I made them when at age 16. You can also take a look at An Otter Story.

  • Comic book: Miep volume 1

... and combined techniques to make a dragon.

The making of the dragon consist of seven steps.

  • The making of the dragon: step 7


You can find more information about my other activities on my linkedin profile.

background image of mountains